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Whether you’re installing storm windows or hanging drapes, you’ll need to know how to measure your windows to get the right material. For replacement windows, storm windows, or exterior shutters, you’ll need to measure the width at the base, middle, and top, and use the smallest measurement. Then, measure the height at the left, center, and right edges, again using the smallest number. For a replacement window, you’ll also need to record the depth by measuring between the 2 stops that extend in front of the frame. Getting the measurements of your windows or doors is a good first step in the replacement process.

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Homeowners should take a close look at their windows; if they notice signs of decay, rot, mold, or other damage, it’s probably time for new windows. The cost of a picture window varies based on size but typically ranges from $500 to $1,300, with most homeowners paying around $700. Most picture windows are made from one large rectangular pane and allow plenty of natural light into a space. Other custom shapes and sizes will bring up the cost to somewhere between $900 and $2,500. Casement windows can range anywhere from $150 to $1,000 depending on size and material type. Some models will open from the left or right side with a hand crank.

Of course, a number of other factors will also go into the price such as what material the window frame is made of, and what features the window is equipped with. Low-E window replacement cost on average $175 – $350 per window, depending on the size of the window. For example, a 24″ x 36″ Low-E double-pane window can cost $250 to $275 installed by a professional contractor. A Low-E window that has one or more film layers applied to it helps reduce the U-factor of the window and provides year-round energy savings. The average cost to replace a double-hung, double-pane window ranges from $450 to $1,000. A double-pane vinyl window ranges from $450 to $600 to install, while a double-pane wood replacement window costs between $800 and $1,000.

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Awning windows work well in rainy climates because of the way the window creates a water-resistant awning when opened. These windows open via a crank that doubles as a lock and resists the wind blowing it open or closed. Bathroom or bedroom windows can cost from $300 to $700 each. is a free service to assist homeowners in connecting with local service contractors.

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Additionally, if you need the existing window and frame removed prior to installing the new window, you will have to add on about $100 per window to the total cost. If you have an average-sized single family home, there are probably around 10 windows total, which will bring the total cost of replacement windows to between $7,000-10,000. We replaced single pane double hung windows about 5 years ago with Pella thermostar vinyl replacement windows from Lowe’s. Another benefit of double and triple pane glass options is the krypton and argon gases that fill between the panes of glass.

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This will be at the discretion of the installer, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. Sound-reducing windows available on the market to reduce noise. Not possible to reduce all noise that comes in through the window, it’s possible to reduce some of it.


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Click the window, menu, or icon you want to capture. Press Command-Shift-4, and then press the Spacebar. Move your mouse to the upper-left corner of the area you want to capture. Hold down the mouse button, drag the mouse to the lower-right corner of the area you want to capture, and then release the mouse button.

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